There's nothing more awkward that running into an ex in a public place, especially one you're not on good terms with. What makes it more awkward is when it's an ex-BOSS! And that's exactly what happened to me in the snack isle a Wal-mart!

My wife and I were doing our normal shopping and decided to get some snacks for after dinner. But when we turned down the isle, who do we run into but one of my old bosses. After a brief, stunned pause, I forced out a "Hello" but didn't know if I should reach out and shake hands or not. I decided to keep my hand on the cart just to play it safe.

As we were passing, this former employer said "I see you wife still likes to spend your money", which pricked both of our ears like needles!  I thought my wife was gonna go ballistic right in the middle of Wal-mart and we were gonna be the next viral upload on WorldStar! But ... instead my lovely wife kept her cool, laughed it off and kept it moving.

Have you ever had an awkward moment with an ex-boss or ex-other? Leave you stories in the comments below!


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