Yesterday I dropped my smartphone in water, and had to take it to get fixed at iPhoneTodd's. But for the time I couldn't use it, I felt absolutely helpless like the world was passing me by! I never realized how much of my daily life revolves around my phone and how many things I can't do without it!

Although I was only without my phone for a little under 5 hours in total (4 1/2of which were just waiting to get off work), it felt like an ETERNITY! When my wife drowned her phone, it was almost 2 weeks before we could get her another one! Fortunately for her, we still had one of her old "dumb"-phones for her to use, but once you go APP you never go back!

So NINO WANTS TO KNOW - What the longest you've ever been WITHOUT your phone and HOW did you cope with it until you got a replacement?

Leave your answers in the comment box below and I'll read them during the next show!


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