Nick Jonas got a new tattoo; he also shared the lyrics to 'What Do I Mean to You,' but left off the name. So who is the girl he is talking about? 

The singer and younger member of the Jonas Brothers, debuted his simple but incredibly meaningful new ink on Instagram. It's basically a mathematical equation with a faith-based bend to it.

Jonas posted a short caption, which fully explained the concept of the black character inking, which is rich in depth and meaning.

"God is greater than the highs and lows," the singer and actor posted.

See the greater than arrowhead sign? It's like elementary school math class all over again, but with a much deeper meaning. We like it.

The tattoo is etched on Nicky J's forearm. It's a place where he can always see it, at least when he is wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so it can remind him to keep his faith whenever things are bad...or good!

PopCrushers, what do you think about Nick Jonas' new tattoo? Tell us in the comments below.

There's also a new rampant rumor that Jonas had a fling with British singer Rita Ora. Fans have pieced together this gossip after he tweeted lyrics to a new song the band has been performing live called, 'What Do I Mean to You.'

It's said that the song is about Nick's brief relationship with Ora, and that he mentions her name in the song live, which is debatable. He omitted the name/word in question in a tweet he issued about the lyrics. And it was off to the races for gossip hounds.

The tweet is below. And the performance is below that, so take a look and listen and see if you think that Jonas and Ora had a "thing." They were seen at Coachella together this past spring, but that's because the Jo Bros were all over that event! But we've posted a photo to jog your memory and to see if you can "read" any body language between those two.

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'What Did I Mean to You'

Rita Ora Nick Jonas Coachella 2013
Jonathan Leibsen, Getty Images

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