Halloween is almost here, and as with everything in 2020, it's going to look a tad different.  I know many Halloween plans have been changed, and many are still deciding what they'll be doing for Halloween. If your plan is to go trick or treating, the Newburgh Police Department recently shared some tips for trick or treating this year. Don't forget no matter what your Halloween plan is, take a look up in the sky on Saturday to check out the Halloween blue moon!

Here's guidelines from the Newburgh Police Department on trick or treating this year:

• A parent or adult should accompany children when they are Trick-or-Treating.
• Stay within your neighborhood. Only visit homes where the porch lights are on, indicating a home that is handing out treats.
• Only go to houses where you know the owner.
• Give and accept pre-packaged candy only. Homemade treats should not be handed out or consumed.
• Have children bring treats home for adult inspection before they are eaten.
• Carry a flashlight.
• Choose costumes that are flame retardant.
• Wear light-colored clothing, short enough to prevent tripping. Add reflective tape to dark colored costumes.
• Watch for vehicular traffic and use caution when crossing the street.
• It is recommended that everyone participating in any event wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth. Costume masks are not a substitute for a cloth mask.
• It is recommended that parents who are accompanying children carry hand sanitizer and use it before allowing children to remove their masks or touch their faces at the end of the event. Frequent use is also recommended when possible.
• Those who are considered high risk due to age or health conditions are encouraged not to participate in events.
• Those residents who are not comfortable participating in the event are encouraged NOT to turn on their outside/porch light thus indicating they do not wish to participate.
• Those persons who are Trick-or-Treating are encouraged to only visit those homes with outside/porch lights on indicating that they are participating in the event.
• Social distancing is recommended except for those members of the same household who may travel as a group.
• If you are handing out candy, it is encouraged that you limit your contact as much as possible and that you use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands between contact with others. It is recommended that facial coverings be worn while handing out treats.
• If you are handing out candy or any other food items, please us only “pre-packaged” food from a manufacturer. (No homemade items please).
• When handing out candy or food items, please place the items into the child’s bag or container, do not let the children grab their own treats.
Following these guidelines will help make sure that everyone stays safe this year.  And don't forget your Halloween 2020 trick or treat checklist of items to take with you:
  • Your face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Trick or treat bag
  • Flashlight
  • Reflective clothing (or something that lights up so you can easily be seen

Be safe, and have a happy Halloween!


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