Newburgh Police are asking residents and motorists to avoid the Downtown Newburgh area as they continue clean up following Saturday's storms. 

In case you missed it, it is believed now that two tornadoes tore through Downtown Newburgh Saturday night in the midst of a line of storms. Thankfully no serious injuries were reported, however, there is a mass amount of damage left in the wake.

As a response, crews are working around the clock to clean debris and repair power lines. In order for this to be done timely and efficiently, the Newburgh Police Department is asking people to avoid the Downtown area while crews are working.

The statement from the NPD Facebook page reads:

The Newburgh Police Department would like to request your continued support in the coming week as clean up in the Town of Newburgh continues.

Please avoid all travel into the Downtown Newburgh area this week if you are not essential to the clean up process.

Crews will be busy restoring power, removing debris, and repairing damage.

Your support and compliance is appreciated.

Thank you.

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