Post Malone is just a regular guy that likes hanging out, having a drink and enjoys Olive Garden Breadsticks. If you saw him at Walmart, you might not even recognize him, especially if it was at the Newburgh Walmart.

Michelle is a super busy mom of two boys, but she still makes time to have fun. She entertains me daily on TikTok, and she doesn't take herself too seriously. Last Halloween, she transformed into Pop Star, Post Malone. To keep things fun, she changed her profile picture to a trio of pics that stopped my scroll!


I thought it must've taken her quite a while to draw all over her face, and come so close to looking like 'The Real' Posty. Actually, it only took her about twenty minutes. She told me that she had some new eyeliner and just went for it!

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Let's take another look.


Hey Michelle, maybe get one of those family history test kits, just to make sure you aren't distant cousins LOL!

Just about a year ago today, Post Malone played to a sold out crowd in Indianapolis, and took some time out to eat with the Olive Garden family.

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This website is supposed to find your 'Doppleganger'. I'll have to try it and see who it comes up with.

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