Apparently someone didn't get the memo that library's are just for humans.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Newburgh Library on Water Street along the riverfront received a visit from a rather unusual customer.

Yes, that is what it looks like. A deer walking across the street heading toward the library (which sounds like the setup to a joke). The Ohio Township Public Library System offered no update on whether or not the animal actually made it into the library, but I'm assuming the answer is no.

Obviously the Library was having a little fun when they shared the picture on Tuesday, but it is pretty remarkable to see a deer that size casually strolling around a populated area like the Newburgh riverfront. As someone who used to hunt way, WAY back in the day, I know we are in the thick of deer season, as well as deer mating season (it's not a coincidence the two coincide). It's possible this guy was simply following the trail of a lady he was hoping to meet. Or maybe he was tired of the woodland dating scene and thought he could find himself a smart young doe studying for her exam in Biology.

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