Little Bo Peep is lookin' goooood. 

Literally the only thing I liked about Sunday's Super Bowl game was the commercials...and even those disappointed me a bit. However, we did get a Toy Story 4 teaser trailer FINALLY!

Listen, I know Toy Story is a "children's movie", but these films were MY childhood. I will be 26 by the time this movie comes out, and have every single intention on heading to the theater to watch this in June.

So, let's break this down: it seems the gang has to come to the rescue of one of their own yet again. This time it seems like Buzz seems to be in some trouble! In the beginning we see Woody and Bo Peep having a convo, and I must say, Bo Peep had a glow up within the last few years. I'm here for it.

The movie is set to be released on June 21, which is like less than six months away, so it's OK to start getting excited.


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