For the past week, my TV would NOT play Netflix. Something in the satellite box fried and literally the only TV I watch was verschenken. I kept waiting for my husband to fix it and though he kept telling me it couldn't be fixed - call Dish - I knew he could do SOMETHING to help me! Annnd, I was right. I just had to switch over and play it thru the smart TV. OMG.

So, last night I logged in thinking I'd be rewatching Gilmore Girls or something lame like that and what do my wondering eyes do appear but Zac Efron's hot bod and some tar-tared reindeer!

Netflix's new docuseries Down to Earth has been getting a lot of attention lately. Mostly because Zac Efron traded in his 12-pack of abs and slick Hollywood look for a more natural and everyday dude "dad-bod" look. Okay, so first up I'm not here to objectify Zac Efron. Is he smokin' hot? Yes. Do I love his new scruffy, softer look? 100%. Would I watch this show if he wasn't the gorg featured star? A thousand times - probably not. (Just stating the obvious, people.)

Listen, he's pretty. No doubt about that. But, I have to say, the content of this show is completely on point. It's a huge eye-opener to how other parts of the world treat things like energy, water, and food. And it makes you step back and look at what we, as Americans, need to change.

Take something as simple (and apparently complex) as water. Right now, I'm totally into the flavored sparkling water. Top 5 (in no particular order): Waterloo Strawberry, La Croix Coconut, Clear American Mojito, Waterloo Grape, Clear American Mimosa. I know, I need to try more brands.... But, it makes the necessity of water drinking pleasurable. Who knew there was more to water than pulling it from the Ohio River and adding a bunch of hardcore chemicals to kill off the toxic waste Louisville dumps into it? Did you know that other places around the world use safer and more effective ways of cleaning tap water? And the mineral content makes it taste completely different? ME EITHER! (Adds French mineral water to Walmart order.)

So, full disclosure, I've only watched a couple of episodes but I can't wait to watch more. Yes, Zac is a good lookin' dude who does a great job of taking the viewer along in the documentary series. And yes, when he talks to the camera, you totally feel like you are back in high school and the good looking Senior and his nerdy friend are sitting next to you on the bus during a class field trip. But honestly, I think he cares about these environmental issues that we as a planet are facing. That part really comes across to the viewer too. Maybe it makes him... hotter?

No matter what you are looking for, it's worth the watch. I know I need to change some of my habits and take care of my earth a little better. Maybe you do too?

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