Developers are hoping to build a new Dollar General store on Evansville's far north side. According to a post on the Evansville 411 News Facebook page, the proposed site is a currently unoccupied chunk of land at the corner of East Boonville-New Harmony Road and Indiana SR 57 (12100 SR 57). This is not the first proposed business for that particular property. Walmart had plans to build there back in 2017 but canceled those plans after local homeowners protested the development. A Dollar General is certainly a much smaller project, but I wonder if there will be any more pushback this time.

Do We Need Another Dollar General?

Dollar General has nearly 18,000 stores in 46 states, and there are plenty of locations to choose from in Evansville and the surrounding areas. My initial thought was that we really didn't need any more stores here, but then I realized 'who am I to say?' The fact is, there are a handful of Dollar General stores within just a few minutes of my house, so I have plenty to choose from. So, yeah, I don't need another store, but what about the folks who live way out on Hwy 57? When you look at all of the DG locations in Evansville, the far north side (where they are proposing to build) is one of the few areas where there are none - so maybe those people DO need a new store.

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This information came from the agenda for the Site Review Committee meeting coming up on Monday, January 24th - I would imagine we might get an update after that.

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