Hold on to your childhood! Netflix is about to blow your mind.

Remember staying home binge watching Matilda because we thought we had powers and saying "you can do it Brucey" or singing classic phrase's of "I've got a golden ticket?" Well you won't have to remember for long because nostalgia is about to smack us in our adult faces. Netflix has announced they are going to remake Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other Roald Dahl classics.

According to Felicity Dahl, Roald Dahl's widow, "Our mission, which is purposefully lofty, is for as many children as possible around the world to experience the unique magic and positive message of Roald Dahl's stories," "This partnership with Netflix marks a significant move toward making that possible and is an incredibly exciting new chapter for the Roald Dahl Story Company. Roald would, I know, be thrilled."

Roald Dahl
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E! News stated, "titles in development as part of the deal between Netflix and The Rolad Dahl Story Company include: Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMatildaThe BFGThe TwitsCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorGeorge's Marvellous MedicineBoy – Tales of ChildhoodGoing SoloThe Enormous CrocodileThe Giraffe and the Pelly and MeHenry SugarBilly and the MinpinsThe Magic FingerEsio TrotDirty Beasts, and Rhyme Stew."

Of course, they won't be the same as the originals but the biggest difference is the new series will all be animated! I am not sure how the animation will appear because I thought the originals were already amazing! Even though there are some cheesy scenes.

Production is set to take place in 2019.

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