It's National Whipped Cream and it happens to coincide with our Wacky Wednesday feature here at WBKR!  Each Wednesday, Angel and I demonstrate and attemp some sort of random (and often hilarious) challenge that you can try at home with the kids or at an adult party.  LOL!  Honestly, it could really go either way.

We created Wacky Wednesday at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in early 2020.  People were at home and bored and we wanted to give them (and ourselves) something to liven up their mornings.  Well, it worked.  Wacky Wednesday quickly became and remains one of the most popular features of our show.

Well, we were pumped this week when we learned that National Whipped Cream Day falls on Wednesday this year and we knew we had to kick start our 2022 Wacky Wednesday series with some sort of Whipped Cream Challenge.  We've attempted one whipped cream challenge before.  It didn't go real well.  In fact, at one point during this video, Angel accidentally launches whipped cream on the ceiling and it gets stuck.

So, for this week's attempt, we looked online to see if we could find another challenge involving whipped cream and, lo and behold, we found this!

Naturally, we knew we had to try it.

That went about as well as it could, I suppose.  Let's just say that we're sticky and defeated.  LOL!  But we had a very Happy National Whipped Cream Day!

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