I've only been to Mckim's IGA Mt Vernon two times, and both times it felt like everybody was one big family.


In addition to being very passionate about the ever-changing world of grocery shopping (Apps, online, self-check) I know that Mckim's is also very passionate about serving the community. After the December 10, 2021 tornados ripped through Kentucky, Mckim's IGA agreed to let Warehouse Services, Inc. and Industrial Transport Services, LLC park a trailer at their store to collect donations.

The Williams family all agreed that they could help in a big way - By donating $1000 in groceries. But the giving didn't stop there. Brian Williams also donated the money he received on his 41st birthday. I'm guessing he had planned on spending it with Disney.

Brian's Social Media Post

When we were asked if we could put a 53' trailer in our parking lot to collect items for those affected by the tornadoes last week, our response was, DUH, of course we would allow that lol. BUT we don't want to stop there. After some discussion with my dad and brothers, we decided that MCKIMS IGA will be DONATING $1000 of groceries to be put on the trailer. On top of that, I personally, will be buying groceries with the birthday money I received yesterday. There is no better gift than helping others! The trailer will be open 11a-1p and again from 3:30p-7 from now until Friday. If you can't, make it between those times, just drop off your donations at the IGA office and we will make sure it gets to where it needs to be. THANK YOU, WSI/ITS/ILS, for asking us to be a part of these relief efforts alongside you!!

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Wow! Now get ready for the waterworks. I mean, all of these donations are awesome, but Brian also shared the sweetest story, and everyone needs to see and share it!

"Someone just came in and said their 3-year-old granddaughter wanted to give her money to those in need. Wow! Teared up a little on that one!"

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