The Tri-State is definitely divided when it comes to mushrooms. You either love or loath them. Either way, when your newsfeed starts filling up with excited mushroom hunters, instead of deer hunters, you know that spring has arrived.

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Mushroom hunting season usually starts in April and the shroom everyone is after is called a morel. You will only find me hunting for mushrooms in the produce section at the grocery store, but please feel free to share your bounty with me! Seriously, the only mushrooms that I have ever found, just pop up in my yard, and they do not look anything like the morel.

Never Eat A Mushroom That You Can't Identify

If you are new to the mushroom hunting world, it is a good idea to have a 'Fungi' to show you the ropes. There are plenty of locations to look for the morels. Here is a map of the current sightings:

Where is it legal to hunt mushrooms in Indiana?

As long as you are hunting for yourself, and you are not going to set up a mushroom stand and sell them, these locations are perfectly legal:

  • State Parks
  • State Forests
  • State Fish and Wildlife Areas
  • State Recreational Areas

Check the United States of Agriculture Forest Service site for up-to-date information about the Hoosier National Forest.


Indiana defines a mushroom as:

312 IAC 8-1.5-15 "Mushroom" defined
Sec. 15. "Mushroom" means edible fungi


Don't Go There - Locations Off Limits

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Mushroom collecting is not allowed anywhere on the property. Collecting is allowed at the Indiana Dunes State Park.

St Joseph County Parks

"Mushroom hunting and picking of wildflowers is prohibited in all of the St. Joseph County Parks." Rules Link

ACRES Land Trust

These properties are located in the NE section of the state.  They are available for hiking, birding, photography, etc., but you must stay on the trails, and you cannot collect any mushrooms. They offer permits for researchers, but you still cannot collect, even with a permit. ACRES Land Trust

Sycamore Land Trust

These properties are located around the Bloomington area. They are available for hiking, birding, photography, etc., but you must stay on the trails, and you cannot collect any mushrooms. They do offer permits for researchers. Sycamore Land Trust

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