I have been to several hundred receptions over last 50 years as the DJ and entertainment. Possibly I can give you a few tips that will help you have a more successful experience. Wedding season is almost here and it's not too early to make your plans. Here are today's tips:

  • Once your have decided on a date and have booked the building and/or Church you can start working on the details. If the reception is to be held at a location other than where the ceremony will be, then you have to figure out how the wedding party will get from one place to another. It is common for all the guests to get to the reception right after the ceremony and then have the wedding party arrive and make a impressive grand entrance. You can be very creative on your arrival as a newly married couple. Some couples rent a limo. Some arrange for a party bus. I have seen a very impressive horse drawn carriage deliver the guests. Probably the most creative was a few years back when Joe Diffie had a big country hit, "John Deere Green". The bride and groom arrived at the reception driving a big green John Deere combine tractor. Please remember the wedding ceremony is rather serious but the reception is a party. Use your imagination and have some fun with it.
  • The Cake. Again have some fun! The cake is usually cut after the meal as dessert. There are sometimes two cakes. One for the bride and groom to cut for photos, and a "groom's cake" which is usually a sheet cake decorated with something related to the groom's life or hobbies. I have seen them shaped like a fish, a few decorated with little plastic footballs. some with little four wheel drive vehicles and many other objects. The wedding cake itself can be a very fancy expensive creation with several tiers or a simple display with several layers of individual cupcakes. I like that cupcake idea because it eliminates the need to cut and serve. This is always an area that's overlooked. Once the wedding cake has been cut for the photos it must be cut and served to the guests. I have seen several receptions where no one was in charge of this important feature and the cake just sits there. Please have someone dedicated to cutting and serving. You may wish to go ahead and begin the dancing while the cake is being served. I have also seen a few times when a special cake is prepared just for the little kids. It is usually chocolate.
  • About children. Some people choose to not invite children to the ceremony and even to the reception. In the tri-state area the children are usually included. They do get bored easily and can run around the dance floor and become a problem. I have seen a couple of receptions that had a game room for the kids with special snacks and things for them to play with and even an attendant. I would at least keep them in tow until the first dances are complete.
  • Later this week I'll have more tips. If you have some please pass them on in the comments area below.

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