Last night's Blind Auditions had some real powerhouses and even still managed to throw out a few disappointing moments. If you missed it, I've got you covered.

I feel like last night's show was really strong. There was a lot of great talent, some of which landed on teams and others that didn't. I think the highlight for the night for me was really a toss up between two of the female performers. First, Caitlin Michelle - W-O-W! She sang a Florence & The Machine song that I have never heard before, and even without the familiarity factor, I was floored. I found myself unable to look away from her performance! The second big moment for me was Celica Westbrook singing A Thousand Years. I really feel like she is going to be one to watch this season.

The low points for me were few, but they were still there. I was very surprised that no one turned for Kameron Covey who sang Crazy by Seal. I was even more surprised when Cee Lo turned, last minute for Cody Belew. Cody sang a very karaoke-like version of The Black Crows Hard to Handle. I didn't care for the vocal performance, and I think that Kameron would have been a better choice.

Did you miss last night's show? Want to see your favorite again? The full episode is below.