Many people suffer every year with only receiving one joint present rather than separate presents when their birthdays are close to Christmas.

One mom took to Mumsnet vented her frustration that her child, who is celebrating their first birthday just a few days before Christmas, only received one present for Christmas and his birthday from her family.

She stated that it was "setting a precedent," and she thought it was unfair.

"We visited family this week doing the pre-Xmas visits and present exchange," the frustrated mom wrote on Mumsnet. "Some close family have given both my children a Xmas present but no extra birthday present or card, another gave both children a Xmas present and a separate birthday card but no separate birthday present."

The woman added that she understands that although the little ones birthday is next week, they should have given them separate presents to mark the special occasions.

She asked if she was "being unreasonable" by saying something to her family about it.

Users tried to calm the woman down, letting her know that it was okay to be upset, but that things might change as the child ages.

"Honestly, it wouldn’t worry me. A one-year-old won’t care, and you probably don’t need more stuff (if you do, and there’s something specific you’d like to ask for, that’s different). I'd mention to your family that when they’re bigger you want to make sure they’re not overlooked, but for now, it’s in no one’s interest to make a problem out of nothing. You will (justifiably) look petty and a bit grabby," one person wrote, while another commented: "I think for a one year old, especially a second child, I’d be glad not to have even more stuff in the house! Does your child really need anything more?"

"It’s likely because the child is 1 and won’t really know the difference , as they get older if it doesn’t change then that’s the time to deal with it," another person said, while a fourth stated: "You have my sympathy - guess who also has a birthday close to Christmas. It's worth saying that actually my family were very good, I always got separate presents unless there was something special and expensive that I wanted, in which case it was a joint present, but that was always discussed in advance."

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