Miley Cyrus has loudly insisted she can't stop, but at least one parent watchdog group is hoping she does.

Cyrus, who announced she'll host the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week, is in the Parents Television Council's crosshairs, and the group fears the pop star will make the show too profane for young audiences. According to Gossip Cop, the PTC maintains that she can't be trusted after her performance at the 2013 show, which found her in a latex bikini twerking with Robin Thicke.

"It’s not going to be safe for children to watch. So, they must rate it TV-MA,” PTC President Tim Winter told the site. “With Miley’s shtick, it’s probably going to be very edgy, very profane, very sexually explicit."

Winter criticized Cyrus' apparent need for attention, and said her Twitter statement, which includes profanity, is just a sign of the vulgarity to come.

"I think it’s unfortunate she built her entire career on the backs of parents and now she’s basically giving them the middle finger,” he said, but noted she could be a competent host if she dialed down her showy routine. “I think Miley Cyrus is capable of doing it if she so chose...she’s smart. She’s talented. She knows how to turn it up, turn it down."

What do you think—are the PTC's fears founded, or is the group overreacting? Give your take in the comments!

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