After a litter of Mexican Gray wolf pups were born recently at Mesker Park Zoo, one now has a name! 

Mesker Park Zoo
Mesker Park Zoo

You may remember the Mexican Gray Wolf pups who were born at Mesker as a part of an awesome conservation project! Mesker's Mexican Gray Wolf gave birth to the litter as a part of a conservation effort. The Mexican Gray wolf population is among the most endangered species of wolves, with just over 100 in the wild.  So a few of the pups were flown to  Arizona to be released with a "foster" mom to help conserve the species. Pretty awesome stuff!  You can read all about their conservation efforts, here!

However the wolf pup that stayed behind at Mesker has a name! Meet Jorah!

Here's what the zoo had to say:

Our wolf pup has a name

Everyone please meet Jorah. He likes to pester mom and dad, run from box to box, and be absolutely adorable. Be on the look out for him hanging out with Mom and Dad next time you're near the Mexican Wolf Habitat.

The next time you go to the zoo be on the lookout for Jorah! He will definitely make your day, I mean just check out the photos and how cute he is!!  We are lucky to have him in Evansville, I can't wait to stop by and see him in person!

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