Auto parts giant, Autozone went looking from coast to coast for the best do it yourself automotive projects, and found the best of the best right here in Evansville.

As a 1995 graduate of Mater Dei, I'm always happy and proud to see the school get positive recognition, regardless of whether it's in on the athletic field, or in the classroom. In this case, the praise comes from the streets.

The Show It Off, America social media contest was designed to give do it yourselfer's the opportunity to not only have their hard work recognized, but win a grand prize that consisted of a $2,500 Duralast tool cabinet loaded with all the essential tools any automotive enthusiast would need to properly continue their hobby.

The winning vehicle was built completely from scratch by a Mater Dei team comprised completely of students, and overseen by adult volunteers. A small vehicle, it only has enough room to carry one adult driver and a suitcase, but gets 849 miles per gallon.

This isn't the first time the Supermileage team has been given props for their hard work. In April of last year, they took first place at the annual Shell Eco-marathon in Houston, Texas.

I'll go ahead and speak for all Mater Dei alumni when I say, nice work. Way to make your Wildcat family proud!

[Source: PR Newswire]