Burger King approached Mary J. Blige, and asked her to help them with an ad for their new chicken wraps.  The ad has since stirred up a huge controversy, and has even been pulled from Burger Kings YouTube channel, however I've got the ad below for you to see.


The ad shows the singer come up and sing the ingredients to the new chicken wrap burger king has, but that's not what the controversy is over.   When Burger King first put the ad up on their YouTube channel, they got so many negative comments it was promptly removed.  The reason for all the anger, was because the ad was criticized for playing into the stereotype  that black people like chicken.  Mary J Blige has yet to comment, but when Burger King was asked about removing the ad they said: "The Mary J. Blige advertisement was pulled off of the Burger King YouTube channel due to a music-licensing issue, which Burger King is in the process of resolving,” What do you think of the ad?  Did you find it offensive?

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