There’s truly nothing like seeing your favorite artist perform live. It can be a totally mesmerizing and intoxicating experience, and it’s usually an even better one when shared with someone who totally gets it or at least with someone who gets you. Now imagine innocently watching Taylor Swift perform ‘Love Story’ as you glance over at your boyfriend. As Taylor so appropriately sings the lyrics "Marry me Juliet / You never have to be alone," you see him casually drop to one knee and whip out a ring. Talk about a fairy tale ending!

From Demi Lovato and Paramore, to One Direction and Justin Timberlake (just to name a few), these 10 concerts definitely made for some unforgettable marriage proposals. Though we can't say we wouldn't be a little disappointed if Harry Styles weren't the one actually proposing to us (we can dream, right?), we do have to admit we're pretty jealous anyway. Does it get any better than having your first dance as an engaged couple be set to Train's 'Marry Me' with Pat Monahan singing it right next to you!? We didn't think so.

Make sure you have a stock of tissues nearby as it's pretty much impossible not to tear up while watching the happy couples. Oh, and don’t worry -- they all say yes!

Check out the video of super sweet proposals above!

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