This hilarious show is coming to Evansville!


Brad Tassell has been married for 25 years and has been doing comedy for 30. The Marriage and Mayhem Comedy Show hopes to blend those relationships.

Here is the synopsis:

The New One Man Comedy Tour De Force that brings the positive side of marriage and the mayhem of life! What is the secret to marriage? How can you laugh for 40 minutes and still come away motivated to work on the oldest institution in existence? Just come on in and find out how life, the universe, and marriage works. The difference is this show has a positive viewpoint on marriage. Many of the tips and topics not only garner huge laughs, but actually have a factual basis in helping people work on their relationships.

This event is sure to be an absolute blast. The show is happening on Sat. July 21st, at 8pm at Pat Coslett's Simplicity Furniture on Green River Rd.

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