Mariah Carey reacted hilariously — and in true diva fashion — to viral footage that appears to show her levitating off the ground or sitting on an invisible chair.

After a clip of footage from an old live concert event went viral over the weekend, appearing to show Carey perched atop an invisible chair while signing an autograph for an audience member, the elusive chanteuse revealed the "magic" behind the trick: her abs!

"I hope my next relationship is as strong as Mariah Carey's knees," wrote the fan who tweeted the video, which shows Carey, wearing a tight gown and high heels, "sitting" without a chair.

"No dahhling, it's the core muscles!" Carey playfully corrected them.

See those flaw-free core muscles in action, below:

But this isn't the first time Mimi's mind-boggling ability to float like a "Butterfly" on stage was shared on social media. See more footage of her elegant feat, below:

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