Due to a growing population and a limited amount of available phone numbers, a new area code is coming to southern Indiana which will require those of us with the original 812 code to dial all 10-digits of a phone number when making a call within our own area code.

It's been nearly one year since the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission announced the "overlay" of the new 930 area code for our region. An "overlay" means that only new phone numbers generated for residents who live in the area will receive the new code. Existing 812 numbers will be unaffected.

The biggest change that will take some getting used to for everyone will be the need to dial all 10 numbers when calling an individual or business. Even if that person or business also has an 812 area code.

For someone like me who no longer has a home phone, and uses a smartphone as their primary number, this change won't be too big of a deal as I already have all 10-digits of my contact's phone numbers saved since you need to include the area code whenever you send someone a text.

However, I do have some contacts, like my mom for instance, where I have both a home phone and cell phone number saved under one contact meaning I will need to add 812 to the beginning of her home number.

It seems to me that those who will be most affected are those who still have a home number or frequently use phones at work. Since most don't feature the ability to save numbers like a smartphone, remembering to dial 812 (or 930 depending on who you're calling) will take some getting used to.

Start practicing now.