Remember the days of making mix tapes? You know, before CDs and thumb-drives... Imagine if you could make one again, but with a modern update!

I spotted this earlier in the week and I'll admit, I got more excited about it than most probably would. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I remember recording music off of the radio onto blank cassette tapes so that I could listen to my favorite songs whenever I wanted. Fast forward just a couple of years, and making a mix tape for that boy I had a crush on became a thing. And then CDs happened. Now a mix CD is certainly fine and good, but there is something truly nostalgic about a mix TAPE. Unfortunately, most of us don't have a tape player laying around any more. Worry not! Behold the USB mix tape!!! This just might make the perfect Valentine's Day gift!



How amazing is this little contraption? I seriously squealed when I saw it!!! Find it on TheBlankRecordStore's Etsy Page Here.


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