A woman was forced to step down as her cousin's Maid of Honor after the other bridesmaids accused her of stealing.

On Reddit, the woman shared she was already uneasy when her cousin, the bride, asked four other friends who she didn't get along with to be bridesmaids. Eventually, a group text with all the bridesmaids ended with the woman relinquishing her Maid of Honor duties and dropping out of the wedding altogether.

"I have an immunocompromised child at home and social gatherings were limited. An errant text message was sent in our group by one BM [bridesmaid] about me not being present for the dress selection/fitting and that there was no excuse for it. I called out the BM who said it privately and she was pretty cold to me even after I explained the situation. I didn't feel very comfortable in this group after this but did what I had to do," the woman wrote via Reddit.

She detailed that she fronted the money for a destination "bachelorette party," and shared the cost of the trip in the group chat so the women could pay her back. However, the price she sent was different than the initially advertised price, which raised a few questions.

"I collected the money for the deposit and then for the balance after it posted to my account for the advertised price, broken out into equal payments for all of us," she continued, noting that after the bachelorette party she realized she had made an error.

Then, during a dispute about the planning the wedding, one of the bridesmaids texted her claiming she "overcharged them" for the bachelorette party.

"I thought it was an error with our hotel and that our price changed but upon more research, I realized the screenshot I sent was from one of the other bookings we were considering. I told them this and admitted my mistake in sending that screenshot but the cost was actually the advertised price," she wrote.

Despite owning up to the error, the other women turned accusatory.

"One bridesmaid told me the extra money could go back to them or towards the bridal shower. Another wanted to know where all the money went. I wasn't sure what to say anymore as it's 4 on 1 against me. I said I didn't like being accused of stealing money but they said they were not accusing me," she continued.

Eventually, and even though her cousin was upset about it, the woman decided to step down as Maid of Honor.

On Reddit, users rallied behind the woman, telling her she did the right thing by backing out of the wedding.

"You didn’t steal anything. These bridesmaids sound toxic," one person wrote.

"You made a mistake and they themselves didn't even notice it until later," another commented.

"I completely understand. It was a mistake, they asked, you explained and that should have been the end of it," someone else reasoned.

"It sounds like OP [original poster] doesn't know any of the other bridesmaids and hasn't or barely met any of them in person throughout this whole process. But she was in charge of planning a party for all of them. That sucks and I'm not surprised it led to drama," another Reddit user commented.

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