Macklemore + Ryan Lewis won Best Rap Song for 'Thrift Shop' at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 19).

The award was presented by Kid Rock, who has rapped, rocked and gone country throughout his prolific career. The presenter is important in this case, since he dissed the pop genre and he tripped over his words when trying to announce the winner. It was a bit of a mess.

When Kid Rock hit the podium to announce the award, he made a joke -- more like a dig -- about this being an award show were people lip-sync pop songs. Ouch. We were left to wonder if he got into a fight backstage after those comments. Probably not, but it was certainly a pointed barb.

He also bungled the delivery of the news that Macklemore + Ryan Lewis were the winners, tripping over the words printed on the card. We found ourselves wondering aloud -- was Kid Rock sipping on something before he took the stage? Just a thought.

The camera cut to Macklemore and co., who had just performed offsite at the Wynn. "First and foremost, we've gotta thank Goodwill and Value Village, and we've gotta thank the fans, before there was radio, before there was buzz, there was fans," Macklemore said.

Amen to that.

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