Food is probably at the top of our priority list when it comes to vacation requirements.  We make sure to eat at non-chain restaurants or hole in the wall joints because they are the best.  We found a pizza place in downtown Gatlinburg that's a slice of pizza heaven.

Joe and I consider ourselves food connoisseurs.  We love exploring new restaurants and asking the locals where to get the best food.  I am proud to say we discovered Luigi's Pizzeria & Pasta all on our own.  We had tried Home Cooking, Seafood, and Mexican, so naturally, we wanted Italian.

Joe would eat pizza for all meals every day.  So, when I suggested this hometown place he was pumped.  We weren't sure what to expect of course, and we were pleasantly surprised.

If you blink you might miss it.  It is tucked right in the center of downtown.  Our waitress Monica was amazing.  She had the sweetest smile and I told her I would make sure and tell you all to ask for her if you were down that way.

Here's a look inside the place and a teaser at the menu and what we ordered it was SO GOOOD!

Luigi's Pizzeria Has Best Pizza In Gatlinburg


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