Each week, we share with you one of the many animals currently under the wonderful care of the staff and volunteers at the Vanderburgh Humane Society who are looking for their forever home. This week, we're introducing you to our Mercy, our VHS Pet of the Week.

Here's Mercy's story:

Oh, Mercy me, why am I still here? My name is, in fact, Mercy and I’ve been at the VHS for a whopping 137 days!! Not sure why, as I check off all the boxes – Loves people, enjoys other dogs, sweet-natured and adventurous. And have you seen my zoomies?! I’m, like, REALLY fast and almost go airborne when I’m zooming around the yard. I love participating in Cardio for Canines and would thrive in a home that lets me get my daily exercise. My adoption fee is $150 and includes my spay, microchip, and vaccinations. What are you waiting for? Come meet me at the Vanderburgh Humane Society today!

If Mercy looks like she'd be the perfect fit for your family, contact the VHS at 812-426-2563 to set up a time when you can meet her in person. If you've already made up your mind, and have decided you do want to make her part of the family, you can save yourself some time by filling out some of the adoption paperwork online through the VHS website.

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