Evansville Reitz student, Cassidy Jones is no ordinary high school senior… Most 18-year-olds enter into adulthood having no idea what they want to do “with the rest of their lives.” Scary thought, huh? Even at 30, if someone were to ask me, What do you want to do with the REST OF YOUR LIFE?” the answer would probably be a resounding, “Gosh, I don’t know!”

But Cassidy does know. She has a calling. She wants to work with animals. Cassidy has enrolled and was accepted into the Veterinary Technology program Harrison College in Evansville. Because of Cassidy’s vivacious spirit and dedication to her education, she has been selected as a finalist to compete for a full-ride scholarship. But… Cass needs YOUR help. Each contestant was given a Facebook page and the student with the most votes will win the scholarship. So, community let’s rally around Cassidy Jones – and make it happen for her! All you have to do is CLICK HERE and Vote for her. Easy! If you have kids or went to college, you know what a HUGE deal a full-ride scholarship can mean to a family!

Want to know more about Cassidy Jones? Check out our interview with her below!

1.      What are you wanting to major in?

I want to major in veterinary technology. This career is basically a nurse for animals.

2.      What lead you to choose this career?

I feel like this career found me…I have always been involved with animals and I am passionate about them. I don’t ever remember picking    this career; I’ve just always known this is what I want to do. I was born to pursue it.

3.      Why should everyone vote for you?

Everyone should vote for my because this is what I love doing! I love helping, saving, and taking care of animals! And not only that…I      enjoy helping out the critters owners too! I have worked really hard to get here and this scholarship will be the next step is achieving my             lifetime goals/dreams. I am very serious about my school work, and voters will be rest assured knowing that every penny of this scholarship is going to someone who is truly serious about their future. I promise I will continue to work hard and strive to help as many animals as possible. :)

4.      What parts about college are you excited about?

I am SO excited to start college, especially at Harrison! Finally, I get to learn about veterinary technology! I cannot wait to further expand my knowledge about this career.

5.      What would this scholarship mean to you?

This scholarship would mean so much to me. I would be so happy to know how many people support me and my career. What a great way      to start my future! Having my school paid for would be such a huge blessing.

6.      Who or what inspires you?

The number one thing that has always inspired me to be a vet-tech are animals! Animals are so smart! The whole reason my future career            exists is because of them! They bring so much to the table; not only can we as human beings teach them how to do things they teach me             things everyday.

7.      What do you want to do with your career?

After I get my degree, I really want to work in a zoo. I think it would be so fascinating to work with exotic animals. Also, I think it would be so

rewarding to have my own mobile veterinary  practice. Of course, I would have to find a veterinarian to do this with. I think of it as an EMT for animals. (:

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