A few weeks ago, I told you about the plan by the city & county government in Henderson, Kentucky to separate local Animal Control from the Humane Society of Henderson County. I though I would give you an update.

As far as I know, the city and county still plan to go through with the separation, despite the pleas from the local people. If this happens, the Henderson Government WILL be signing the death sentence of hundreds if not thousands of local animals. (FIND MY ORIGINAL STORY HERE)

I have spoken with representatives from both Henderson Animal Control and the Humane Society of Henderson County. Neither organization wants the split, and BOTH feel like this is in the worst interest of the tax payers and the animals of Henderson County.

I believe that there is still time to let our voices be heard. There was a petition started, and I am one of the 1600+ names on that petition, along with signatures from ALL OVER THE GLOBE. I would like to ask that you too, please take the time to sign the petition. You can find it here. Let the government of Henderson Kentucky know that we DO NOT support the proposed split, and that the WORLD IS WATCHING.