I have a 4 year old daughter at home so I know first-hand that nearly every girl, young and old, has dreamt of being a princess at one time or another. Thanks to timeless fairytales and Walt Disney, we're led to belive that becoming a princess means that all your problems will be instantly solved. You'll marry a handsome man, live in an extravagant castle, and be waited on hand and foot for the rest of your life. What they neglect to mention in these stories and movies is what you'll give up to live this life of luxury.

As the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton draws closer and the world watches as this mondern day fairytale unfolds before our eyes, Emma Kemp from Yahoo! UK has written an article revealing what princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton will no longer be allowed to do once she becomes a legitmate princess.

For starters, she can no longer be called simply "Kate". She can call herself or be addressed as Catherine, but her official title will be, "Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Whales." So much for women's lib in Britain huh?

Other aspects of "normal life" that Kate...oops, I mean "Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Whales" won't be able to do is vote, get a job, eat shellfish, or play Monopoly (seriously!).

Check out the full article at Yahoo! and tell me if the "princess dream" is still something you'd like to make reality.

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