David and Margaret Martin absolutely love Halloween.  Five years ago, they got married on it.  Yes, on October 31st, 2015 the Livermore, Kentucky couple said, "I do."  Or better yet, maybe they said, "I boo!"

The couples' love for Halloween has definitely carried on with their kids Scarlet and Taylor and each year the family turns their home into a "haunted" Halloween.   It's a large undertaking (it took about eight hours to complete last week), but it's worth it.  The family and the neighbors love it. Here's a look at some of the highlights!

The Martin Family's Haunted House in Livermore

And while the Martin's residence is already spooky enough, the family plans to add even more thrills and chills to their annual display.  David, who loves saving money by building his own props, plans to build a 12-foot tall skeleton that will closely resemble the one that's been selling out this season at Home Depot.  David has joined a variety of Facebook groups that are dedicated to Halloween props and DIY animatronics.  He's learned a lot and it shows!  And the hard and haunted work is paying off.


After David and Margaret got this year's display assembled, various neighbors stopped by to tell the family how much they love the yard.  David said, "We could even hear a little boy in the back of his parents' car say, 'That is so cool!' when they stopped by the intersection by our house."

David says response is "nothing but positive" and adds that he couldn't do any of this without the help and support of his wife, Margaret.  He says, "She puts up with my crazy ideas for the yard and really helps me bring it all together!"

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