Wrapping Christmas presents this holiday season is about to be made way easier for you.

We all know who the designated "gift wrapper" is in the family. They're either really good at it or you're just really bad at it, so you pass it off to them. But what happens when you are trying to wrap a Christmas present for that person? You certainly can't have them wrap their own gift. So, you have to make your best attempt at wrapping gifts, no matter how much you might not like doing it. According to a new survey, you're not alone.

The survey says that 52% of people say the worst part of the entire holiday season is wrapping presents. It also said that 51% hate it so much, they'd rather pay a professional to wrap their gifts. More than half say they go out of their way to buy presents that will be easy to package and wrap.

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Even if you do enjoy wrapping, there are some situations where wrapping gifts can be problematic. I have found some game-changing gift wrapping hacks that will make wrapping gifts so much easier. Here are a few of them.

Have you ever cut wrapping paper only to find that it is too small and won't cover the entire present? There's a hack for that situation that doesn't include cutting a new piece of wrapping paper. We all have bought gifts that are shaped oddly to the point where trying to wrap them is almost impossible. "Almost" is the keyword there. If you still need some help wrapping an awkward-shaped gift, maybe these videos below will give you the hack that you need. These are just a couple of examples of hacks that you can easily do yourself after seeing how from the videos below.

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