I don't consider myself a picky eater. I'm certainly up for trying anything new, but there's certain foods that should just be banned! Let's dig in (see what I did there), shall we?

First up...

MUSHROOMS. I MEAN??? Who in the world actually enjoys mushrooms on ANYTHING? BARF. They're probably the worst food. I'd take pineapple on pizza over mushrooms on pizza ANY. DAY.

WATERMELON. Ok, I know I'm in the minority here, but watermelon is nasty. It tastes like soggy water, and that's not even possible.

SAUERKRAUT. We don't even have to discuss this. If you're under the age of 50 and you eat sauerkraut, I'm judging you.

OYSTERS. I mean if you like to swallow things that resemble snot balls, that's on you.

LIVERS. I don't care who's liver it is, we don't need to eat it. Same with gizzards. JUST STOP.

CANDY CORN. Again, I don't think I'm in the minority with this, but we just need to agree on this once and for all and BAN CANDY CORN.

COTTAGE CHEESE. YUCK. It literally looks like spoiled milk (and I'm pretty sure it is???) So yeah, let's not eat it!

ONIONS. These are in the same league as mushrooms! JUST STOP WITH THIS. Stop putting these things on your sandwiches and pizza. It's unnecessary.

RELISH. I know it's a condiment and not necessarily a food, but it's still nasty.

ANCHOVIES. There's just no reason for them.

TEA. Again, not necessarily a food, but it still counts. I don't care how much sugar you dump in it. IT'S GROSS.

SQUASH AND ZUCCHINI. Also, stop using these as replacements for things. Noodles should be noodles, not zucchini noodles. Let's play our own positions here.

AVOCADO. I want to like it, because it's ~trendy~, but it's just soggy and pastey and not good.

TOMATOES. Not as in ingredient, but if we're eating it by the slice, GOODBYE.

GRAPEFRUIT. It's raunchy. It tastes like it could take your fingernail polish off. That's all.

BAR-B-Q. RIBS. However you want to dress it up, it's fatty and gross.


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