By now, you're probably sick of all the different versions of 'Let It Go' that are out there. We certainly are.

Everybody from little kids and famous people to weathermen to someone's pet turtle (we're just guessing on this last one) have covered the hit song from 'Frozen.'

But the above video is the most ingenious of the bunch, featuring a bearded dude singing the song in the voices of other Disney and Pixar characters.

Captain Jack Sparrow is there. So is Roz from 'Monsters, Inc.' And Dug the dog from 'Up.' And Winnie the Pooh. And ... well, just about everyone who's passed through the Disney/Pixar universe over the past couple decades makes an appearance.

Just watch. And marvel at how much better 'Let It Go' would have been if Goofy was handed the mic.

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