If you thought Jack Torrance made for terrifying hotel-company, Lady Gaga is prepared to up the ante on hospitality horrors.

The Cheek to Cheek singer, who will appear in the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story: Hotel, will play nothing short of a terror on the show, co-creator Ryan Murphy told audiences at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday (June 12). And evidently, tapping into her evil side was entirely her idea.

"She said, 'I want to be evil,' and I said, ‘You came to the right place'," Murphy recalled, according to NME, and added it was Gaga who kicked off initial talks about appearing in the production.

"How it happened with Gaga is she wrote and said, 'I love the show, would you consider putting me on it?' And I wrote back, 'Yes. CAPS CAPS…'" Murphy said. "The best call ever is 'Please wait for Gaga', and she got on the phone and could not have been lovelier.

And where there's an exaggerated role to play, daring fashion will surely follow, the exec told show fans.

"Part of her role involves fashion," Murphy revealed. "You want Lady Gaga to look a certain way. The designers have been coming out of the woodwork with looks for her."

Though the name of Gaga's character hasn't yet been revealed, Murphy tweeted in June that she'll be caught up in a love triangle. "Bad Romance," indeed.

Are you an AHS fan? Tell us if you're looking forward to seeing Gaga in her sinister role.

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