I remember a time when pay phones were all over the place. I used the one at the Princeton K Mart, to call boys quite often. Phone booths and public pay phones in general are pretty much a thing of the past. So, when these boys came across these old artifacts at Walt Disney World, they had to investigate. I imagine that they are talking to each other, much like they would be texting in the same room LOL!

Photo:Cops Connecting with Kids
From L-R
Hasheem Morgan
Angel Sosa
Travis Hancock
Cameron Adams Photo:Cops Connecting with Kids

It looks like all of the kids on the Cops Connecting with Kids Disney Adventure are having the times of their lives. They deserve it. The students that are selected to go on the trip, have shown that they are responsible young adults. Since 2014, Cops Connecting With Kids has taken over 166 EVSC middle school students on all-expenses paid trips to Disney World. In 2019, students from Henderson, Kentucky will be included too! These trips reward young people for working hard, getting good grades and doing what they're supposed to. It also helps build some really positive relationships between students and law enforcement.

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