Well, you can file this under things I would have never known if it weren't for Facebook. There is a town in Kentucky that is situated in the recess of a crater left behind after a meteor landed on Earth.

This Is Not A Sci-Fi Novel

Situated within the confines of the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern Kentucky is a little town of just over 9,000 people known as Middlesboro. What makes this little town so incredibly special? It is the only town in the United States that resides within the depression of a crater created when a meteor struck Earth, according to the official city website.

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Two Spellings One Name

While the spelling of the town changed shortly after it was incorporated, some still contend that the original spelling is correct, according to the official City of Middlesboro website.

Originally founded by English businessmen, the town opened its first post office on September 14, 1888, under the name Middlesborough, presumably in honor of the English town of almost the same name.

The city was formally incorporated under that spelling on March 14 two years later, but the post office switched to "Middlesboro" in 1894 and that spelling has since been adopted by the city itself, the Kentucky Land Office, and the U.S. Board on Geographic Names. Some still contend "Middlesborough" remains official, however.

The Crater is Millions of Years Old

Millions of years ago the meteor landed and then in 1889 the city of Middlesboro was built, according to a historical marker placed within the town.

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Formerly a "Boom" Town

The official Kentucky Tourism website describes Middlesboro like this,

Middlesboro is built entirely within a meteorite impact crater which is 3.6 miles across. It was founded by a English land company in the 1880's and named for Middlesborough, England. It is home to the oldest, continuously played golf course in the eastern U.S., at the Middlesboro Country Club. The city adjoins Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. From the beginnings as a"boom" town, to the near collapse of the new city after the tumultuous founding era,  the descendants of the early pioneers and settlers are facing the challenges of today's world with the same spirit as the original citizens of the town.


Take a Road Trip

This little town just might be one to add to your bucket list. It would make for a good road trip and I'm sure it would make for an excellent adventure.

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