A museum highlighting everything from cryptids, to aliens is located in Kentucky, and it's a must-see!

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That's IPMRC for Short

Did you know that Kentucky is home to the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center?  It's true!  It's located in Somerset, Kentucky which is about a 3-hour drive from the Tri-State, and it definitely seems worth the day trip. They're located in the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center.



All Things Unusual

According to the Internation Paranormal Museum and Research Center, you'll find everything at the museum from ghosts, to Bigfoot, to aliens, and all things that go "bump" in the night.   Here is what their Facebook page says about the museum:

In the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center lies The International Paranormal Museum and Research Center. We are an organization dedicated to all aspects of the paranormal, and have been investigating phenomena across the country and all over the world for almost 15 years! We've collected artifacts and unique items in our travels, and show case them here, as well as rotating artifacts on loan from other's collections! We also have an extensive library for you to browse while your are here, with books covering subjects of all things unusual.


Just one look at their merch line (which you can see here) it's definitely a place where all of the most unusual occurrences will be covered.  Everything from the Hopkinsville Green Goblins to the Mothman.

Be sure to follow the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center on Facebook so you can stay up to date with everything happening.  Theys sometimes share new items they're putting on display, and they recently shared a Creature of the Black Lagoon head that was made out of REAL fish scales, it's wild!! See it here.

Check out a walkthrough of the museum. It makes me want to plan my trip down to Somerset now!


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