Between sickness and vacations, Kendra has been filling in for Maddie quite a bit over the past month on The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West.  We've all had the opportunity to learn more about Kendra than we ever knew was even possible!  Some of those things are cute and harmless, like her love of the Jonas Brothers and her hatred of Chuck E. Cheese.  Others were far more disturbing, like the fact that she doesn't wear her wedding ring or has NEVER EVEN HEARD OF BOYZ II MEN!!!

As a Philadelphia guy through and through, and a lover of all things 90's, especially the music, I could not believe this or stand for it.  I played Kendra some Boyz II Men hits through her headphones and recorded her reaction to them, much like "Kids React" videos.


One last thing:  This also serves as a TRIGGER WARNING for anybody who gets anxiety or short-tempered about millennials being severely uninformed about things that even the least bit older them.  Prepare to feel old.




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