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Kendall Jenner Settles Fyre Festival Lawsuit

According to a bankruptcy court filing, Kendall Jenner has been ordered to pay $90,000 for her Instagram post promoting the infamous Fyre Festival. She reportedly earned around $275,000 for the 2017 endorsement on Instagram. After the post went live, she also reportedly received an additional $25,000.

A lawsuit alleged that Jenner “intentionally led certain member of the public and ticket purchasers to believe” that Kanye West, her brother-in-law, would perform. Jenner denied any liability, according to court documents, but the settlement will require a judge’s approval. (via NBC News)

Do People Prefer Watching New Movies at Home More Than at the Movie Theater?

According to a study by Performance Research and Full Circle Research Co., 70% of Americans would rather watch a movie for the first time at home, while only 13% say they would prefer to go to a local movie theater. Mounting anxiety due to COVID-19 has many people feeling that it is now safer to watch a movie from home rather than at the theater when local movie theaters eventually reopen. Respondents proved fearful of other public spaces, too—39% said they would attend major indoor concerts less often and 36% said they would visit theme parks less. (via Variety)

Stars Hand Over Social Media Accounts to COVID-19 Experts

Julia Roberts and Hugh Jackman are among some of the celebrities who will temporarily give up their social media accounts — and subsequently, their large platforms — to COVID-19 experts. The #PassTheMic campaign will give experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci a platform to share facts and science-driven data about the pandemic. Look out for other celebrities like Shailene Woodley, Millie Bobby Brown and Rita Wilson, who are also set to participate. The several-week campaign will also feature all sorts of front line workers. (via JustJared)

Gemini Season Is Here!

It's time to switch gears from slow-paced Taurus Season into the Season of the Gemini, the sign of communication. This time of year might make you feel social and curious. There should never be a dull conversation, so connect with more people (though continue to social distance), as it's time to explore conversations and acquire some new knowledge from those around you. (via Cosmopolitan)

Cuomo, Newsom and Fauci’s names on Underwear

Canava, an L.A.-based clothing brand, has rolled out a new line of women’s underwear bearing Andrew Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and Gavin Newsom’s last names. Canava says that the proceeds from Cuomo and Fauci underwear will go towards care packages for front line healthcare workers in New York City, while sales of the Newsom underwear will help health care workers across California. (via TMZ)

Pop Stars Hit With Music Lawsuits

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