Every month Maddie and I visit the Warrick Humane Society and introduce you to several animals that need to find a home.  But sometimes you come across a special case, and this time it was Kenda.


Kenda is a sweet Vizsla mixed with Pit (we think).  She's about a year old, so she's still very young and energetic, but she's SO well-behaved and incredibly good-tempered...  And for some reason that we can't seem to figure out, she has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than ANY other dog!


Kenda has been at Warrick since January, and since tomorrow is May, that means this sweet loving animal has been there for going on FOUR months!  This breaks my heart, and I wish I could bring ALL of these sweet animals home myself, but I can't have anymore right now.  I assure you, Kenda will bring so much love and fun into whatever family is lucky enough to adopt her.


I've included a short video of Kenda with me below.  If you would like to meet her for yourself, she is available for adoption from the Warrick Humane Society!



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