Katy Perry lights it up in the video teaser for her new single 'Roar.' Or 'ROAR,' as was rumored when some sort of fake press release was issued. The "it" being incinerated is the wig from her 'Teenage Dream' album cycle, which she promptly set on fire. No hesitation. No emotion.

With a smoldering stare, dark hair, red nails and berry-stained lips, the singer's imaging is gothic as she gives off a more ominous look. Perhaps she is hinting that the material on her new album 'Prism,' out Oct. 22, will be darker than what was found on 'Teenage Dream?'

The song is set to drop on Aug. 12, according to the text on screen after the wig is ignited.

Burn, baby, burn.

The clip is actually called 'Burning Baby Blue.'

Will a new Katy Perry rise from the ashes, like a phoenix? We'll find out on Aug. 12.

Since Perry is known for her candy-coated costumes and makeup, perhaps her deep, rich, blood-hued lipstick and her return to black, glossy hair signifies that she's going dark? She looks a bit like the Black Dahlia.

Her normally blue eyes also look brown in this spot, too. Perhaps it's the illumination by flame?

You win, Katy. You've got us fired up.

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