Katy Perry wasted no time replacing soon-to-be-ex husband Russell Brand while on tour in Indonesia. In her first public appearance since Brand filed for divorce, the buxom, blue-haired starlet erased all evidence of her failed marriage — and even kissed another fella onstage! But it’s not as scandalous as it sounds.

Perry left Brand behind in Los Angeles this week when she jetted off to Jakarta, where she admitted she was a bit jet lagged. “After 27 hours of flying (on an air bus, feels strange) I’m SO EXCITED to FINALLY be in INDONESIA! U guys have waited forever #timetodeliver,” she tweeted, later adding, “This 15 hour time difference is AWESOME!#smackingmyselfintheface.”

Despite having to adjust her internal clock, Perry was in great spirits. She even invited a lucky (and shirtless!) fan to join her onstage, where she kissed him on the cheek — and according to E! Online, even gave his bare chest a pat down. Ow ow!

Careful observers of Perry’s show — noted by MTV — found one small but significant change. Whenever Perry performed ‘Not Like the Movies’ previously, she was backed by images of her wedding to Russell Brand … And now, those memories have been replaced by cartoons. It’s a move that keeps in line with Perry’s apparent policy to refrain from speaking about the split.

Watch Katy Perry Perform ‘Not Like the Movies’ in Indonesia

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