Happy Memorial Day. I hope that you are enjoying the 3 day weekend. I also hope that you'll take a moment with me to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.

As the daughter of a retired Army Veteran who served during Vietnam, and the sister of a Marine who served during the first Iraqi Conflict, Memorial Day and Veterans Day always hold a lot of importance to me. I am fortunate. I know this. My dad made it home after Vietnam. My brother, a US Marine, made it back home after spending time over seas during the Bush Sr. era of the Iraqi Conflict. Many others were not so lucky.


I have friends who have served during the latest war in Iraq & Afghanistan. Some are my age, or only a few years older. Others are as much as a decade younger than I am. Again, I have been lucky. Those that have been close to me have all made it home - some with scars, Purple Hearts, or missing limbs. They have seen things that you & I could never imagine. These things they will carry with them for the rest of their lives but they made it home and and they made it home alive. Not all of their military brothers & sisters have been so lucky.

I have heard stories. We all have. We have all seen the videos of soldiers returning home & surprising their wives, their kids, even their dog after making it home safely after a long deployment. Again, not all have been that fortunate. So, today I ask you to please remember. Remember those who have sacrificed & risked their lives for the Freedoms that you & I often take for granted, but we must also remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Please remember the men & women who didn't make it home safe.

I have a challenge for you... The next time that you are out shopping, getting groceries, whatever... and you see a man or woman in uniform, or you see an older gentlemen wearing his Veteran hat, take a moment and just say 'Thank  you.'

♥ Kat

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