As I was standing outside of the Circle K today for a Mt Dew Summer Splashdown Stop, our intern, Kyle, asked me how the quitting smoking has been going. To be honest, I haven't really put a whole lot of thought into how long it's been since I've had a cigarette last. Every once in a while, when someone asks me about it, I'll check my QuitNTell App on my IPhone... Which is precisely what I did when Kyle asked me.

To my surprise it has been EXACTLY one month to the day TODAY! I am really very proud of myself, and it has been much easier than I anticipated. Once I made up my mind, and settled into the mindset that "I QUIT" instead of "I'm TRYING to quit" it all seemed to appear much clearer.

So here I am, one full month smoke free. I have saved $184, and have NOT smoked 640 cigarettes!!! I'm still wearing the nicotine replacement patches, but I have stepped down to the next level. I have a few more weeks of using those before I'll be convinced that I'm over the nicotine addiction, but I have managed to kick most of the day to day habits that incorporated smoking.

I won't try to fool you or me into believing that it has been easy, just easier... Thank goodness for a great support group! Everyone on facebook and my close friends and family have been fantastic! My daughter was even understanding when I a little cranky for a few days... and Mike... Mike was (and is) amazing! Those first few days, I know I whined a lot. A LOT! Everytime I would look at him and say I wanted one, REALLY wanted one, he'd just look at me and remind me that I really didn't, and that it would get easier. He was right, but please don't tell him that... He already thinks he's right all the time. ☻

To everyone who has taken the time out of their day to think of me, and ask how it's been going... To all of my friends... all of my family... my daughter... and especially my Mike... THANK YOU!!!

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