A known perfectionist, Kanye West continuously strives to deliver the best in his music and stage performance, which unfortunately couldn't be achieved Thursday night (Nov. 3). During his final Saint Pablo show at Los Angeles' The Forum, Kanye announced a premature end, citing his deteriorating voice. "Turn the lights up, shows over. I can't let ya'll have a show where I can't perform. I'm sorry," he says in the above Twitter video.

Below meanwhile he says, "I'm very sorry. I love you. I promise to do better next time," to which the audience responded by booing. Kanye had made it 45 minutes through his set, what is likely just more than half-way, and told the crowd he'd refund their tickets

Kanye, who is a physical performer, has been touring since August, and there's no doubt the grind has started taking its toll. Back in early October, Kanye West ended his performance at the New York festival The Meadows citing a family emergency. It later turned out that his wife, Kim Kardashian, had been robbed at gunpoint while in Paris. Kanye rescheduled his shows the following week, extending the Saint Pablo tour all the way to the end of the year, the final show scheduled for Dec. 31 in Brooklyn.

Here's to hoping his voice recovers in due time. The next Saint Pablo show is scheduled for Nov. 17 in San Jose, so it seems he's got some time to recuperate.

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