Did Justin Bieber just release another new song, 'We Were Born for This?' It appears that he has. It's a largely acoustic, gentle song that is anchored by his falsetto. In the song, he sings about unconditional love, about being here to stay and about how real love doesn't (and can't) go unrecognized. 

Boil the track down to its base parts, lyrically speaking, and you'll probably be thinking that the song is an ode to his beloved Beliebers. Plus, he sings with such passion and emotion, which are things that Beliebers inspire in him!

The song was posted on the Sir BIzzle Soundcloud account. It sure sounds like him and it's an incredibly emotive song, but we're not 100 percent sure about the what, when or where with this track. We don't know what he has up his sleeve in relation to new material and why he has taken to offering these songs at this point or at this moment.

But it certainly sounds like the singer, who has made more headlines this year for anything and everything but his music.

You know the song's lyrics are precisely what former teen idol Rob Lowe spoke about -- he said that the Biebs knows, deep down, that his fans care least about the music. But judging from the comments on the song, the Beliebers love what he is doing musically. And he always loves them back. That's why he makes the sacrifices that he does, and he doesn't waste time on what the haters have to say.

The song is raw and bare, and if it is indeed the direction the Biebs is going in, we're riding sidecar. How about you?

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'We Were Born for This'

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